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The Revolution Arrow Tuner is the first tool of its kind. With this revolutionary new tool, you can square your arrow and your insert, tune broadheads, and check the straightness of your arrow shafts. It tunes your broadheads by assisting in correcting any misalignment between your arrow, your insert, and your broadhead itself. You can perform this action after leveling the tuner, leveling the arrow, broadhead installation, and using the tools dial indicator (which reads .001) to check for broadhead misalignment. You can also use the dial indicator to check your arrow's straightness. This product is another excellent tool designed solely to help improve your accuracy, which will result in better success in the field. This tool is a must-have for any serious archer. It doesn't matter whether you're a bowhunter, tournament archer, or recreational shooter.



• Broadhead tuning (3 & 4 blade *future 2 blade)

• High precision arrow & insert squaring

• Arrow spinners

• Check arrow straightness

• Broadhead tightening

• Arrow leveling tool

• Dial indicator (reads .001”)

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F.O.C. Arrow Calculator

Forward of Center balance describes the percentage of the arrow’s total weight that is located in the front half of the arrow.



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