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Buck Fever Synthetic Moose Juice Scents

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Buck Fever Synthetic Moose Juice Scents - Add Moose Juice to a scent pad (4in x 4in gauze works well) and hang it 2 to 4 feet off the ground. This will help carry the lure farther. Apply Moose Juice when calling, as bulls will circle downwind to scent check the area. Moose Juice is the ultimate moose attractant. Bull & Cow blend to arouse and enrage bulls in rut!

WARNING: Do not apply to your person. Raging bulls could attack or charge.

Buck Fever Synthetic Scents are 100% SYNTHETIC. They contain no animal urines, feces or secretions of any kind.

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Forward of Center balance describes the percentage of the arrow’s total weight that is located in the front half of the arrow.



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