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Revolution Bow Vise

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The Revolution Vise is just that. A Revolution in the realm of vises for both bows and guns alike. The vise has a mounting clamp that will spread to 2 3/8” so it can mount to most benches, tables, or an LCA bow press. This gives you plenty of mounting options for maximum versatility. Included standard with the Revolution Vise would be the Multi-Axis Head and two insert sets. Additionally, you can purchase the Stabilizer Head or the AR15 Head as add-ons.

 The Multi-Axis Head can hold almost anything. It includes smaller flat surface inserts and larger inserts with rubber pads to give the head maximum versatility. Setting the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis on your bow is a breeze with this vise setup. Purchased separately, the Stabilizer Head uses a threaded insert that mounts into any bows stabilizer mounting hole. This head and the Multi-Axis head can tilt up/down, including levels for precise adjustments. The threaded insert has a quick release, so it can easily be installed or removed from a bow. The Stabilizer Head can move in almost any direction, the same as the Multi-Axis head. Finally, the AR15 Head mounts directly into the magwell of any AR15 model and allows you to work efficiently on your AR.  

If you’re looking to get all three heads with your vise purchase, we offer the Revolution Vise – Ultimate Kit, which includes all three heads and gives a 5% discount, compared to buying each head individually.


• Durable, Strong, Versatile

• Head attachments with leveling + tilt adjustments

• Mount to your press, table, or bench

Head options: Multi-Axis (included), Stabilizer, and AR15 (sold separately)

• Multi-Axis head with infinite adjustment

• Multi-Axis Head interchangeable inserts (included)

• Adjust your bows axis settings (1st, 2nd, 3rd) with ease

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