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Last Chance Archery 3" Block Kit

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This kit includes upgraded 3" wide blocks for your LCA bow press. Install these blocks onto any LCA press that is copper in color. By upgrading, you'd remove the narrow 2.5" blocks and install wider 3" blocks to help accommodate wider limb compound bow models hitting the market. Interchange the blocks easily following a few simple steps. See the instructional video below! 2024 Mathews bows will require these wider blocks, but the additional width can also help with other models like Prime, Elite, Bear, Hoyt, PSE, and more.

If you have any LCA green or Pack-N-GO bow press models, purchase the 3" Pin Kit instead of the 3” Block Kit.



2 - 3" blocks

2 - 3" springsteel plates

4 - 5/16 mounting bolts

2 - Springsteel mounting screws

2 - Nut plates



• Wider base to accommodate wider limb bows

• Larger mounting bolts for reinforced strength

• More room for finger adjustments in/out



If you have an LCA bow press, always tighten your press block bolts periodically. If the bolts holding the blocks onto the bow press are loose, it can cause the bolts to become damaged. For the bolts to have full strength, they must be tight. You can tighten the bolts by removing the metal spring from the press block. The two bolts will reveal themselves underneath once you remove the spring. It's crucial to check these bolts periodically to ensure they are tight.

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