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Bohning HELIX TOWER Fletching Jig

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Bohning HELIX TOWER Fletching Jig


Fletch three vanes or feathers at once with Bohning's Tower® Jig! This revolutionary fletching jig provides exceptional adhesion force that is evenly distributed along the base of the vane or feather. You will get consistent angles and perfect 120° spacing. The durable, engineering-grade composite material can be cleaned with acetone to remove adhesive residue. The Tower® Jig is great for single vane repairs too! Available in multiple configurations (see reference chart) for different arrow sizes and fletching angles, from straight fletch up to a 3° right or left helical. All configurations include a base, three sizes of pressure rings to accommodate all arrow diameters, a set of 3 Spacer Plates for an extra .025" (6mm) of space between the nock and vane, and Clamp Release Tape.


  • COMPLETE: all the available Tower Jig components in one purchase, great for clubs and families.
  • TRIPLE: Arms - Solid Gray, Black, & Red. Center Posts - F Nock, A Nock, HE, Standard, Crossbow, Pin Nock.
  • HELIX: Arms - Black, Purple. Center Posts - F Nock, A Nock, HE, Standard, Crossbow, Pin Nock.
  • CROSSBOW: Arms - Black, Red. Center Post - Crossbow
  • FEATHER: Arms - Blue, Green (arms have wider slots to accommodate feathers). Center Posts - F Nock, Standard, Swedged
  • MYLAR: Arms - Gray with red clip (accommodates Spin Wing type vanes). Center Posts - F Nock, Standard, Pin Nock.


Color of Arms Fletching Type Offset/Helical Max. length of fletching
Gray (solid) Plastic vane straight 4" (101mm)
Black Plastic vane 3° Right 3" (76mm)
Red Plastic vane 1° Right 4" (101mm)
Purple Plastic vane 3° Left 3" (76mm)
Orange Plastic vane 1° Left 4" (101mm)
Blue Feather 2° Right 5" (127mm)
Green Feather 2° Left 5" (127mm)
Gray w/ red clip Mylar vane straight 3.75" (95mm)



Center Post Marking Corresponding Arrow Size
F Nock .166" (4.23mm) ID
A Nock .204" (5.18mm) ID
HE .231" (5.87mm) ID
Standard Carbon .246" (6.25mm) ID
Crossbow  Bolt Bolts up to .35" (8.89mm) OD
Pin Nock pin bushing
(unmarked) Swedged arrows with nocks glued on

• Accommodates all size shafts from X10 to FatBoys

• Includes clamp release tape and 2 collar rings

• Specifically designed arms to fletch up to 2.25" long vanes on a 3 degree right helical

• Standard post, pin-nock post, F-nock post, A-nock post and crossbow post

• The Tower provides easy & precise 3-vane placement 120 degrees apart while reducing your fletching time by 66%


Proudly manufactured at the Bohning Factory in Lake City, Michigan, United States.

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F.O.C. Arrow Calculator

Forward of Center balance describes the percentage of the arrow’s total weight that is located in the front half of the arrow.



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